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From prototype to production, industrial wheels, heavy duty wheels, and heavy duty polyurethane wheels are our specialty. At Sunray, Inc. demanding industrial wheels are not a problem. We can recover, retread, or design virtually any heavy duty polyurethane wheel to meet your needs; whether it's for a ship cable laying application or an M9 Combat Earth mover, our experts will work with you on the right urethane compound and heavy duty wheel design for your industrial application. Our heavy duty polyurethane caster wheels are being used on towing carts at higher than normal speeds and our industrial urethane wheels are being used on Stacker Systems that run 24/7.

At Sunray, we also handle special requirements or unique requests every day. Recently we developed a compound for a customer that required their heavy duty polyurethane wheels to be designed to run with a minimum service life of 2 years. The industrial wheel we designed for them now has been running for over 4 years!

For more information on load capacities for each size wheel, click here.

Phone us today 800-833-9960 for assistance with all of your needs for heavy duty polyurethane caster wheels and industrial urethane wheels. you may also email your request to info@sunray-inc.com for a prompt response or feel free to use our online quote request form or try our our new upload feature to upload your technical drawing.

At Sunray, Inc. we build our products to last!

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We Custom Make Urethane Wheels For Your Demanding Applications

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  • Heavy Duty Caster Wheels
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  • Highest Quality Built to Last
  • Separate Rigging Available
  • Retreading And Recovering of Your Worn Urethane Wheels Available
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