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Equipment Roller Customization

Sunray, Inc. is a leading polyurethane wheels and equipment roller parts specialist primarily because our main focus has always been extraordinary customer service. Making affordable one-of-a-kind custom feed rollers is just one of the many ways we cater to your individual needs. Equipment Roller Manufacturing Chemistry Polyurethane is a material with such amazing versatility that it is ideal for equipment roller manufacturing and customization. That’s because Sunray’s engineers can adjust the ingredient recipe for any of our industrial rollers to create exactly the shape, hardness, and resilience that you need for your own unique equipment roller applications and demands. We can, for example, modify the presence of particular polymers such as polyesters and polyethers to deliver targeted performance characteristics. Customizing High-Tech Conveyor Rollers You may want conveyor rollers designed for unusual conditions and industrial tasks but you aren’t sure where to find such rare conveyor belt rollers. Other poly rollers don’t meet your specifications. But Sunray is a solution-based manufacturer and our team can design and deliver conveyor rollers that are ideal for use in extreme heat or cold, water, and even environments where gamma-ray radiation is present or sparks are a hazard. Various Feed Roller Traits and Uses You may need a feed roller that has a particular elasticity, softness, or hardness but can also withstand intense friction and abrasion. You may want a pipe track roller that is solvent resistant to move industrial chemicals. Or you may require material handling rollers that meet FDA food grade criteria. Sunray can even customize low-vibration polyurethane rollers. So in addition to our vast inventory of standard urethane rollers we also...

I must say your company did a fantastic job on my rollers. I’m very happy with them. I would like to express my heartfelt Thanks to you and your company. It’s nice to know that a company in this fast paced economy has time to accommodate the small customers as well as the large clients. This is truly refreshing to see in America.

~ Sincerely, Chris M.

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