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u groove wheels

U-Groove Polyurethane Wheels

groove wheels

groove wheel

grooved wheelu groove bearings

U-Grooved wheels can come in either idler (with bearings) or drive (straight bore with a keyway or bolt-on). We can manufacture from a supplied sample, your description, or technical drawings. Fill out the form below for a fast quotation for the wheel you need.

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Specify Core Material
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Material required:
Polyurethane Durometer/Hardness (Click HERE for an explanation):
Color of Polyurethane
Flanged OD
Outside Flange Width
Inside Flange Width
Bottom of Groove OD
Core Diameter
Select Bore Type:
If Bearing Bore Please Provide Shaft Diameter:
If Straight Bore Please Provide Shaft Diameter:
Is Keyway Needed?
Is Set Screw Needed With Straight Bore?
Dimensions are:
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