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Amusement IndustrySunray’s amusement ride wheels are perfect original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacements for your roller coasters and flume rides. All of Sunray’s replacement ride wheels meet or exceed OEM specifications; so you can be confident our wheels will provide maximum performance in your park.

Sunray understands the unique demands of manufacturing wheels used on amusement rides. Roller coaster wheels and flume wheels must be wear resistant and able to withstand the strains caused by carrying heavy loads at high speeds. Sunray’s line of coaster wheels and flume wheels can be built to exact OEM specifications, and make a rugged addition to any ride.

In addition to manufacturing new polyurethane roller coaster wheels and flume wheels, Sunray also offers recovering services. Existing wheels where the hub is in good shape can be retreaded, cleaned and refurbished with a new polyurethane tread, extending the life of the wheel. Sunray can also custom bore new wheel hubs.

New and recovered amusement ride wheels can be manufactured to withstand a variety of load weights at variable RPMs, and offer increased wear resistance over traditional rubber wheels, making them an ideal choice for amusement park owners.

From roller coasters, to giga-coasters, to kiddie coasters, to the wet and wild… Sunray can produce new or replacement coaster, flume and amusement wheels to your exact specifications!

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