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Sunray’s cut-to-width polyurethane rollers are ideal for multiple applications.

Cut-to-Width RollersSunray’s polyurethane tubing and cut-to-width polyurethane rollers are ideal for multiple applications. Cut-to-width polyurethane rollers are non-marking, quiet, oil and chemical resistant and can be made in various durometers. These unique urethane rollers are ideal to keep on hand in the event of an emergency application.

Sunray’s cut-to-width rollers and poly tubs feature:

• Outer diameters ranging from 1” to 3”
• Inner diameters (axle diameters) ranging from .375” to .5”
• Tolerances of +/-.030 (except bore-bore tolerance: -0/+0.10)
• Fully customizable durometers (hardness levels)
• Fully customizable colors and lengths

Cut-to-Width RollersSunray’s standard cut-to-width rollers are produced in lengths of 20” and feature a hard inner core (70D) in black, and softer outer tread (90A) in red. These polyurethane rollers can be easily cut to the desired width and trimmed to fit.

Sunray’s cut-to-width rollers provide instant solutions to immediate problems. U-groove, V-grove and treaded surfaces can be machined from all-polyurethane tubing, offering limitless possibilities.

Order the cut-to-width polyurethane rollers you need through our online store by clicking a Part Number on the chart below.

Please note: Sunray requires a $100 minimum order to make purchases through our online store. For orders totaling less than $100, please give us a call at: 1-800-833-9960

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Cut-to-Width Roller Pricing

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Part Number OD For Axle Dia.
W0001 1.0″ .375″
W0002 1.5″ .375″
W0003 1.5″ .500″
W0004 2.0 .375
W0005 2.0 .500
W0006 2.0 .625
W0007 2.0 .750
W0008 2.5 .500
W0009 3.0 .500

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