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Sunray’s cut-to-width polyurethane rollers are ideal for multiple applications.

Cut-to-Width RollersSunray’s polyurethane tubing and cut-to-width polyurethane rollers are ideal for multiple applications. Cut-to-width polyurethane rollers are non-marking, quiet, oil and chemical resistant and can be made in various durometers. These unique urethane rollers are ideal to keep on hand in the event of an emergency application.

Sunray’s cut-to-width rollers and poly tubs feature:

• Outer diameters ranging from 1” to 3”
• Inner diameters (axle diameters) ranging from .375” to .5”
• Tolerances of +/-.030 (except bore-bore tolerance: -0/+0.10)
• Fully customizable durometers (hardness levels)
• Fully customizable colors and lengths

Cut-to-Width RollersSunray’s standard cut-to-width rollers are produced in lengths of 20” and feature a hard inner core (70D) in black, and softer outer tread (90A) in red. These polyurethane rollers can be easily cut to the desired width and trimmed to fit.

Sunray’s cut-to-width rollers provide instant solutions to immediate problems. U-groove, V-grove and treaded surfaces can be machined from all-polyurethane tubing, offering limitless possibilities.

Order the cut-to-width polyurethane rollers you need through our online store by clicking a Part Number on the chart below.

Please note: Sunray requires a $100 minimum order to make purchases through our online store. For orders totaling less than $100, please give us a call at: 1-800-833-9960

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Part NumberODFor Axle Dia.

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