Urethane and Polyurethane Wheels

Looking for durable polyurethane wheels? You’ve come to the right place!

Sunray, Inc. is a leading supplier of high quality urethane and polyurethane wheels. Whether you are looking for stock drive wheels for a forklift, v-groove wheels for your conveyor trucks, or heavy duty wheels for industrial machinery, we’ve got the right wheels for the job!

In fact, our polyurethane wheels are so durable that Sunray, Inc. is one of only two U.S. companies selected by the Department of Defense to produce road wheels for the M9 ACE, a combat engineer vehicle.

We keep many of our standard-sized polyurethane wheels in stock and ready for expedited shipping! We also have the technology to produce custom wheels directly from your CAD drawings.

Drive Wheels and Idler Wheels: Sunray’s selection of Drive Wheels and Idler Wheels are ideal for use in conveyor applications and automatic guided vehicles. With a little information about the required load-bearing capacity of the wheel, speed and duty cycle, and environment in which the wheel will be used, Sunray can recommend the right size and durometer polyurethane wheels to meet your needs.

Heavy Duty Industrial Wheels: Sunray’s line of Heavy Duty Industrial Wheels are ideal for use in automotive plants, towline applications, and other demanding industrial applications where greater durability and strength are required. Our high-performance, heavy duty polyurethane wheels are resistant to most abrasive chemicals, oils, grease and other environmental elements.

V-Groove Wheels and U-Groove Wheels: Sunray’s V-Groove Wheels and U-Groove Wheels can be used on a variety of industrial tracks, such as those used in: production lines, assembly applications, racks, sliding gates, and more. Both types of tracking wheels and guide wheels can be produced as either idler wheels or drive wheels, and customized to your exact specifications.

Extended Hub Wheels and Flanged Wheels: Sunray’s Extended Hub Wheels and Flanged Wheels are ideal for applications requiring hub centric wheels and spacers. We can custom bore drive hub wheels, or provide you with idler hub wheels that have the bearing diameter and hub length you require. Sunray, Inc. can also manufacture single or double-flange idler and drive wheels to your exact specifications.

Zero Crush Wheels: Need a more delicate polyurethane wheel? Sunray’s custom-manufactured Zero Crush Wheels offer a softer touch while maintaining the resiliency of polyurethane. These wheels are ideal for operations that require the transport of delicate materials, such as moving paper products through scoring machinery or corrugating boxboard.

AGV Stacker Wheels: Sunray’s AGV Stacker Wheels are custom manufactured to fit your existing automated guide vehicle equipment. Our AGV stacker wheels are built to withstand the wear and tear of repetitive robotic stacking operations, and will help to ensure the seamless movement of materials around your warehouse or manufacturing facility.

Flume Wheels: Sunray’s Flume Wheels are the perfect choice for flume and other water rides where wheels are exposed to water. Polyurethane flume wheels will not rust (as there are no metal hubs) and they offer increased tread life over traditional rubber wheels. Select from our line of solid flume wheels for long-lasting performance, or shock absorbing dished flume wheels for added cushion.

Bearings and Treads: In addition to polyurethane wheels, Sunray also offers both stock and custom poly-covered bearings, and treads. Bearings can be manufactured with either a flush sidewall or extended sidewall, and manufactured to your exact specifications. Sunray offers ten different tread patterns to choose from, which can be produced in the color of your choice.

I must say your company did a fantastic job on my rollers. I’m very happy with them. I would like to express my heartfelt Thanks to you and your company. It’s nice to know that a company in this fast paced economy has time to accommodate the small customers as well as the large clients. This is truly refreshing to see in America.

~ Sincerely, Chris M.

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