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Sunray’s Flume Wheels are the perfect choice for your demanding water-ride.

Flume Wheels

Designed to last, with it’s all-polyurethane construction and delrin bushing (other custom designs available), these Flume Wheels will be a rugged addition to your Flume Ride. Please choose from a Solid Flume Wheel for dependable/durable performance or our Dished Flume Wheel for a bit more cushion and shock absorbtion. If you have questions about which one to choose, please contact our sales staff at 1-800-833-9960.

Click Directly on the image to order.Tolerances: +/- 0.030 (All Dimensions except bore-Bore Tolerance -0/+.010)





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The shipment of wheels just arrived. I’m very impressed with the initial quality. Great service!

~ Sincerely, Matt H.

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