Urethane and Polyurethane Rollers

If you are looking for durable polyurethane rollers, then you’ve come
to the right place!

Sunray, Inc. is a leading supplier of high quality urethane and polyurethane rollers. Whether you are looking for drive rollers for your conveyor belt, an idler roller for a pulley system, or an AGV stacker roller for material handling, Sunray has the polyurethane rollers you need.

Sunray can also refurbish polyurethane rollers, at a fraction of the cost of buying new!

Drive Rollers: Sunray’s long lasting Drive Rollers and Idler Rollers are ideal for use in conveyor applications, pulley systems and feed applications. These high quality polyurethane rollers offer a smooth rotation, excellent shock absorption, reduced vibration and ability to withstand high temperatures.

Sunray is capable of manufacturing many different styles of drive rollers and idler rollers, including: concave rollers, convex rollers, hubbed rollers, straight rollers, v-groove rollers, and more. We can produce polyurethane rollers using a variety of hub materials, both bored or with bearings.

Sunray’s polyurethane experts will work with you to determine the right load bearing capacity, core design and polyurethane compound to use in the production of your drive rollers and idler rollers. We can custom manufacture idler and driver rollers for use in light, medium, and heavy duty applications.

AGV Stacker Rollers: Sunray’s AGV Stacker Rollers are built specifically for use with automated guide vehicle equipment, and are popular in the material handling industry. Our AGV stacker rollers are capable of withstanding the wear and tear of repetitive robotic stacking operations, and will help to ensure the seamless movement of materials around your warehouse or manufacturing facility.

Sunray can custom mold and manufacture a variety of polyurethane rollers. Simply provide us with the specifications of the OEM you’d like us to match, send us a CAD drawing, or talk to our team of experts for assistance in selecting the best polyurethane roller for your application.

Thank you as always for your very prompt responses – I wish more companies worked like Sunray!

~ Jim A. 

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