Heavy Duty Wheels


We make heavy-duty wheels and rollers better and faster, and they last longer.

Heavy Duty Wheels

At Sunray, we manufacture heavy-duty industrial wheels and rollers for a wide variety of process machinery and equipment, meeting or exceeding OEM requirements. We also custom design virtually any type of wheels and rollers to meet your exact specifications.

From prototype to state-of-the-art finished product, we guarantee quality.

Sunray can manufacture your heavy-duty wheels to your precise drawing specifications or we can reverse-engineer your existing wheel.

Heavy Duty Wheels

We understand that your success is our success.

Utilizing high-quality materials, Sunray can manufacture your heavy-duty wheels to meet or exceed the original OEM specifications.

One-stop shop for your industrial wheels and roller needs.

No need to look elsewhere; we can provide almost any type and size heavy-duty wheels so you can stop searching and depend on Sunray, Inc to provide you wheels that perform. Our customers’ timelines and requirements are of the utmost importance to us. Sunray gives you the flexibility you need to keep you and your company productive.

The shipment just arrived, and I must say, that your product is the best quality of any on the market. 

~ Sincerely, Matt H.

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