Custom Parts

Custom Polyurethane Parts

Need custom polyurethane parts? No matter what size or shape you need, Sunray can custom mold and manufacture a variety of polyurethane parts to your exact specifications.

Simply provide us with the specifications for your custom parts, or send us a CAD drawing for a quick quote!

Sunray specializes in producing custom polyurethane parts quickly and affordably. Sunray’s custom parts are made from the highest quality polyurethanes and are precisely molded to your exact specifications. Sunray’s heavy duty lathes and vertical machining centers allow for the milling, molding and boring of odd shaped and technically challenging parts with ease!

Whether you need polyurethane wheels, rollers, small covered bearings or large flow tube liners, Sunray has the capabilities to produce the custom parts you require quickly and affordably.

Custom Polyurethane Wheels and Rollers: Sunray can manufacture custom polyurethane wheels and custom rollers both idler (with bearings) and drive (with a keyed or machined center) styles. Custom polyurethane wheels and rollers can be replicated from a provided sample, or manufactured from technical drawings and specified dimensions. Visit Sunray’s custom polyurethane wheels and custom rollers webpages for more information and a fast quote.

Custom Caster Wheels: In addition to idler and drive wheels, Sunray can also manufacture custom caster wheels for demanding applications, such as for use on: power driven equipment, towline carts, heavy duty platform trucks, and mobile storage racks. Visit Sunray’s custom caster wheels webpage for more information and a fast quote.

Custom Covered Bearings: In addition to stock bearings, Sunray can manufacture custom covered bearings based on your own design. Sunray’s poly-covered bearings are produced from high quality polyurethane tread that is chemically bonded to the ball bearing. Custom covered bearings can be produced with either flush or extended sidewalls and are able to be shipped quickly.

Dunnage: Sunray is capable of producing custom dunnage and packing parts to provide maximum protection during the transportation of delicate parts on assembly lines. All dunnage parts are custom made and can be formulated to the exact hardness you require.
Large Custom Parts: In addition to small polyurethane parts, Sunray is one of the few polyurethane manufacturers that is capable of producing large custom polyurethane parts, such as flow tube liners and vibratory tumblers.

Sunray’s custom parts are utilized in a wide variety of industries.

Sunray has produced custom polyurethane parts for the:

Amusement Industry: Coaster and flume wheels.
Concrete Industry: Hole forming pins, wiper blades, knock out blocks, riser rings, gaskets, etc.
Textile Industry: Drive wheels, guide wheels, polyurethane nozzles and specialty parts.

As well as custom parts for clients in the:

• Manufacturing Industry
• Entertainment Industry
• Packing Industry
• Transportation Industry
• Shipping Industry
• And Many More!

I must say your company did a fantastic job on my rollers. I’m very happy with them. I would like to express my heartfelt Thanks to you and your company. It’s nice to know that a company in this fast paced economy has time to accommodate the small customers as well as the large clients. This is truly refreshing to see in America.

~ Sincerely, Chris M.

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