Sunray is a leading global manufacturer of Polyurethane products. We specialize in custom design and rapid delivery of a limitless number of Polyurethane products for a wide range of industries.

Polyurethane wheels and polyurethane rollers have a large number of applications. They are available from less than one inch to 60 inches or larger in diameter, and are used in everything from missile launchers to OEM equipment to M9 combat earth movers. Sunray’s polyurethane rollers have been used in airport baggage handling systems, stacker and AGV machines, and overhead cranes. Our Polyurethane wheels have been used to soundlessly move overhead cameras at the Academy Awards and television studios.

Polyurethane Products

Through our online store, you can order a wide selection of polyurethane wheels and polyurethane rollers. If there is a size you require that you cannot find, let us know through our online quote request to get a quick quote, or call us at 1-800-833-9960.

We want to make the process of finding the polyurethane wheel or polyurethane roller you need as easy as possible. If you need any help at all finding the right wheel or roller for a load rating, or speed/load calculation, simply give us a call or email info@sunray-inc.com. You may also want to check out our helpful Polyurethane Technical Data webpage.

Sunray also offers a wide variety of pipe rollers and polyurethane v-grooved wheels for specialty needs such as rolling on angle iron or handling oddly shaped items. Take a look at the selection of polyurethane covered bearings offered at our online store.

In our online store we also offer a wide selection of polyurethane rods, polyurethane bars, polyurethane tubing, polyurethane cut to width rollers and polyurethane sheeting. If there is something you would like that we do not currently have in stock, just click here to receive a speedy quote on price and delivery time. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is eager to help with your polyurethane product needs!

Sunray also manufactures heavy duty caster wheels for demanding applications with a complete machine shop of CNC equipment and a full line of CAD/CAM software. Precision ball bearings and casters can be found at our ball bearing online store and our caster online store.

Need re-treading? Sunray offers a Polyurethane re-treading, recovering service for worn polyurethane wheels, rollers and parts. Call 1-800-833-9960 or email info@sunray-inc.com for more details.

The shipment just arrived, and I must say, that your product is the best quality of any on the market. 

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